May 23, 2022

NBA 2K21 gets in-game ads during loading screens

2K Games has patched in in-game adverts into NBA 2K21, a full month since the game released… *sigh*.

Update!! 2K Games responds!!

2K Games have now officially responded to the complaints of the gamers via their Twitter feed:

So its another win for us gamers.

Please note, however, that they won’t be removing them all together but ‘fixing them in future episodes’, so you’ll still get them but not so in your face…hopefully.

But its still bad practice that 2K aren’t removing them altogether!

Original story below!

As if they didn’t learn from EA’s mistake in September, when they added adverts to UFC 4, 2K Games has implemented UNSKIPABLE adverts during the loading screens for matches.

In a captured clip from Stevior’s YouTube Channel, an advert for the Oculus Quest 2 is attached to 2KTV, whilst your match is loading.

YouTube player

During the advert, you’re not allowed to press ‘Continue’ UNTIL the advert has played in full. Stevior also noted that the adverts have been added to both console versions and the PC version, even if you’re running the game off an SSD. At this point, 2K Games has yet to comment on the adverts.

Is This a Bad Thing??


The adverts have hit a full month since the game released at full price (£59.99) and are a huge slap in the face for players, who already have to contend with microtransactions (Another gremlin of the gaming world) in-game.

2K Games already have a bad reputation since doing the exact same thing last year in NBA 2K20 so this should come as no surprise to players but still…its a dick move by 2K Games. At least EA had the decency to apologise and remove the ads in UFC 4.

Rage inducing isn’t it… *Insert expletive here*

Don’t forget as well they’ve already hiked the price up for PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game (£64.99 for the standard edition). If these versions contain the adverts, then players are going to abandon 2K very quickly. Oh, and if you brought NBA 2K21 on the current-gen, you won’t get your free upgrade to next-gen… you’ll have to purchase the ‘Mamba Forever’ version (£84.99 for the PS4 version and your upgrade).

As gamers, we cannot allow this to become standard practice, especially with next-gen games already hitting the £70 mark. It’s time to ‘Cancel’ 2K Games for good.

NBA 2K21 is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with PS5 and Xbox Series X versions, released 10th and 12th of November respectably.

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