Narita Boy A Retro-Futuristic Pixel Game

Narita Boy A Retro-Futuristic Pixel Game

Developed by Studio Koba and published by Team 17 Narita Boy hits the shelves on the 30th March 2021. The game is a throwback to the 1980’s. I love everything about the 80’s from the YUPPY’s with their brick sized mobile phones to the music genre that defined cheese and synth!

Wrapping the game up in a synth-focused soundtrack, coupled with a narrative-driven adventure, you must save the kingdom. In addition to this you must also uncover the truth behind the realm’s original creator.

The Story

Developing a video game console called Narita One, The Creator entitles the flagship game: Narita Boy.

Narita Boy becomes a tremendous hit! Copies of cartridges (OMG! The hours I spent waiting for games to load) are flying off physical shelves worldwide. It only takes weeks for Narita Boy to become the best selling video game of all time.

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Meanwhile, inside the binaural code the digital realm connects with reality. Him has returned and deleted The Creator’s memories. Supervisor program, Motherboard, and her agents have activated the Narita Boy protocol.

The Stallions are coming, and the Digital Kingdom need a hero.

Promising a tightly tuned combat system, that is challenging, intense and rewarding. Master the Technosword, practice and release all her potential. Use her powerups and learn new movements to learn new combat strategies.

However, the true appeal of this game for me is this extract that I have pulled from the Studio Koba website:

Narita Boy is a poetic, subtle and beautiful handcrafted experience. Every asset of the game is individually designed and painted. There is no tile system which means that every assets (over one thousand) and every stage (over three hundred) are painted one by one.

The animation is traditional 2D full animation, which means that every frame is drawn again and again to make a smooth and fluid motion. Narita Boy has more than twenty thousand animation sprites.

We don’t use particle system, which means that all visual FX are also animated frame by frame.

Narita Boy | STUDIO KOBA (

The game will release across PS4 (with backwards compatibility on PS5), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch & PC on March 30th 2021. The game will also come to Xbox Game Pass the same day of release.

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