May 19, 2022

Mythgard is leaving Early Access

Independent developers Rhino Games Inc. are excited to share the news that their competitive collectable card game, Mythgard, is coming out of Early Access on September 18th, along with the release of the game’s first major expansion, Rings of Immortality.

The ‘Summer Games for the gods’ themed expansion brings over 100 new titanious cards to the game, including a new path and power to bring to the battle board. Rings of Immortality also introduces a new unique keyword in Forge, which takes the management of mana resources to a whole new level. 

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Mythgard released in Early Access last year. Since it’s release the game has been very well received on Steam and mobile devices, with over 90% positive user reviews across all platforms. Mythgard also came runner-up in the annual r/AndroidGaming’s ‘Best of 2019 Awards, losing out to the one and only Stardew Valley.

Mythgard takes some of the best gameplay mechanics of the collectible card game genre and brings them together to offer some of the most tense and strategic gameplay available in current card games. One of the game’s key features is its unique take on the mana system – yes, being mana screwed is no-longer a thing!

Every card in your deck can be converted into mana at least once. Burning a card will place it back in your deck and provide you with the associated card colour as mana. This stand-out mechanic puts you in complete control of your resources, which often means you’re in complete control of how you manage each match.

It’s not only Mythgard‘s gameplay mechanics that sets its apart from other CCG’s, but also the sheer amount of features the game offers. At launch, players will be able to play through a tutorial story, learn the game through competitive drafts, master Mythgard with some incredibly challenging puzzles, set up/host and compete in in-game tournaments, spectate any game that is currently being played and even watch any one of your previous 100 matches. This plethora of features offers the perfect stepping stone journey for a CCG beginner to become a Mythgard pro.  

Becoming a pro in Mythgard may prove a lucrative hobby going forward. Rhino Games Inc. have just agreed to a deal with Esports organisers 983 Media in running a series of competitive tournament, all of which will be hosted through the games in-depth tournament client.

This tournament series starts with the launch of the Rings of Immortality expansion, where players are invited to play in a draft tournament to celebrate the release. These smaller competitive contests, titles Mythgard Flashpoint’s, will offer smaller cash prizes, along with a host of in-game goodies. The main event, The Mythgard Open, will take place over the weekend of the 10th & 11th of October, offering a sizable $1,000 prize pool.

With Mythgard leaving Early Access on the 18th of September, developers Rhino Games Inc. are committed to introducing new expansions every 4/5 months, in order to keep the game feeling fresh. Along with new expansions, the development team is also committed to growing the already impressive feature list, with some great surprises coming down the line.

Mythgard is available to download and play now for free on Steam, iOS, and Android devices. The first expansion, Rings of Immortality, will launch on Friday 18th September, which will also see a sizable update for the full release of Mythgard.  

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