July 5, 2022

Multiplayer is Headed to Mario Kart Tour, But There’s a Catch

Mario Kart Tour will soon be getting a multiplayer mode. Kart racing games are best when played with a friend (or several). If you’d like to have a play the way nature (and Nintendo) intended, then you best be ready to pay.

The already outrageous loot box – sorry, Prize Pipes – implementation was bad enough. But Mario Kart Tour’s most underhanded mechanic is the Gold Pass subscription. The Gold Pass grants players a chance of earning “special” content including premium characters and karts. The Game Pass also locks the 200cc mode behind this paywall. But, starting in December, the Gold Pass will also grant subscribed players access to the multiplayer beta.

So, to recap. The beta multiplayer mode for Mario Kart Tour will be available to Premium players. You have to pay money for a multiplayer beta in a mobile game! Does anyone else think this is extremely shady of Nintendo?

Mario Kart Tour’s Gold Pass does have a two-week trial period attached for first-time users of the subscription. That window will only be useful to anyone who has not yet gone for the paid-for service for the game. Nintendo’s mobile games are filled with underhanded and toxic behaviours considering the company’s usual family-friendly reputation.

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