May 22, 2022

Most EXPENSIVE game EVER sold. Mamma- Mia!

The original Super Mario Bros. retailed for around $25 (when it wasn’t included with the NES), but if you retained a copy of that game from 1985 without opening it, it could be worth much more now.

Approximately 35 years after release a copy that is in mint condition of the US version of the 1985 game has sold for $114,000 approximately £90,299 at Heritage Auctions, to earn the title of the most expensive game ever sold.

This breaks the previous record held by…… you’ve guessed it, Super Mario Bros. which was in a similar condition which sold for $100,150 at auction last year.

But what exactly makes it worth $14,000 more than the one sold last year?

It is graded 9.4 out of 10 which means that it is near perfect condition, sealed in its original packaging. Before you go rummaging through your old and dusty drawers, Heritage provides a reason to its value as:

“What’s the deal with cardboard hangtabs? one may, understandably, wonder. Cardboard hangtabs were originally used on the US test market copies of black box games, back before plastic was used to seal each game. As Nintendo began to further establish their company in the US, their packaging was updated almost continuously. Strangely, the addition of the plastic wrap came before the box cutting die was altered to remove the cardboard hangtab. This rendered the functionality of the cardboard hangtab completely useless, since it was under the plastic seal.

There are four sub-variants of the plastic sealed cardboard hangtab box (this particular copy of Super Mario Bros. being the “3 Code” variant) that were produced within the span of one year. Each sub-variant of the cardboard hangtab black box, produced within that timeframe, had a production period of just a few months; a drop in the bucket compared to the title’s overall production run.

In short, a cardboard hangtab copy of any early Nintendo Entertainment System game brings a certain air of “vintage” unrivalled by its successors”.

No-one will really ever know why this particular game is of such value to the buyer, mainly because we cannot ask them due to their anonymity. The game is available to download for free, so to me it seems that they have paid a lot of money for what is essentially a $114,000 box! But hey, each to their own.

Source: The Verge

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