Mortal Online 2 Hits Steam Top 10 as Devs Hire More Staff to Fix Servers

Mortal Online 2 Hits Steam Top 10 as Devs Hire More Staff to Fix Servers

Mortal Online 2 has sold 110,000 copies and debuted 4th on Steam’s Top 10, whilst Star Vault has given players free game time and moved to hire more staff to work 24/7 on fixing the server issues ​​​​​​​players have experienced.

After a much bigger release than last year’s stress tests projected, Star Vault has given free game time to Mortal Online 2 players by suspending monthly subscriptions as they address recent server issues.

Bolstered by the expertise of a third party group of networking consultants, new hires and with devs working round the clock, long term fixes for issues players have been experiencing on login and when traveling to Myrland will be implemented in a few short days.

Mortal Online 2 – Official Gameplay Trailer

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Star Vault have addressed the fan support

This is by far the biggest challenge in the entire project so far…we now have a very good picture of the main issues and how we need to solve them… Thank you for all your support, we will keep you updated on our progress and steps to solve this.

We know you’re all eager to get into the game and we’re working very hard on making that happen as fast as possible.

Henrik Nyström, Star Vault CEO

Nyström also expressed his optimism for the future in a press release on January 31st, stating that the long term goal of ‘300,000 monthly players’, which would put Mortal Online 2 ahead of its closest competitor Eve Online, would be ‘a huge achievement’ for which ‘Mortal Online 2 has all the prerequisites.’

Mortal Online 2 is currently available on steam for £30.99, though you’ll have to be quick to grab the current discount of 10%, which ends later today at 6pm GMT.

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