Mortal Kombat XI Monetisation Criticised by Players

Mortal Kombat XI Monetisation Criticised by Players

Mortal Kombat 11 launched yesterday to very favourable reviews. However, the player base has been pretty vocal about their discontentment with the monetisation and in-game rewards.

User Score is wildly different to the critical score

The games’ Towers of Time and The Krypt modes reward players with in-game currency that players can exchange for character intros, skins and gear.  The concern is that the game rewards players with insufficient in-game currency to buy the items needed to progress.

Reddit User, AccomplishedPoet81, posted about the extent of the grind. Completing the entire story mode provides insufficient funds to clear one room in The Krypt. Beyond this, later towers require a substantial amount of consumables and rare gear. However, the drop rate for these is astonishingly low, with AccomplishedPoet91 opening 23 chests and receiving 2 rare gear items.

There is a growing sense that the game has been balanced this way to frustrate players into paying for premium currency. Though paying for all the content would cost more than $600 to unlock everything in the game.

Unlocking all in-game items would exceed $600

NetherRealm Studios have responded to player unrest, and will implement some balancing changes. There was no indication of how the balancing will be addressed, but noted that players wouldn’t need to download a patch for the changes.

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