May 17, 2022

More Trouble Brews for Escape From Tarkov

A game that seems to thrive on controversy, Battlestate Games’ Escape From Tarkov is currently under attack from rampant, invisible players.

Escape From Tarkov is no stranger to controversy. Developers Battlestate Games previously declined the option to incorporate female playable characters into the mix. However, it’s players that are the reason behind their latest bout of controversy.

Whilst it hasn’t been the most technically sound game produced, the latest issues are particularly problematic. The new problem turns players completely invisible. Sounds good, right?

Well, it would be, apart from those deviant players who have figured out they could exploit this to become pickpockets instead.

Tarkov works by allowing players to choose their loadout before each session. And those aforementioned invisible players have decided to sneak up to other players and rob them of all of their loot.

Worse still, victims don’t even have to be killed to be looted.

Escape is Easier if No-One Sees You

A series of Reddit posts have depicted players gear being taken right off their avatars mid-game.

Whilst it may be visually amusing as an onlooker, these players have lost hard-earned gear. And the problem seems to only have one defence (currently). Players shoot wildly into an empty space in the hopes that an invisible player is occupying that space at that specific time. Which, obviously, has a number of drawbacks to it.

Or, if you’re particularly lucky, the hacker might ‘spawn in‘ right in front of you. Though this, obviously, also has its own drawbacks as well.

Battlestate Games is apparently aware of the situation, and COO Nikita Buyanov took to Reddit to reassure players that they are on the case:

“…Just wanted to mention that we are aware, [the] situation is being monitored, all the needed measures are already being taken (all of this cheaters are getting banned rn and we are preparing additional measures against such exploits)”.

Whether this is a quick-fix for Battlestate or an ongoing battle remains to be seen. If you are playing Tarkov and don’t partake in invisible shenanigans, be wary of who you might come across.

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