May 22, 2022

More Resident Evil 8 Details Leaked

Resident Evil Village

Earlier this morning, the website Biohazard Declassified reported on a highly plausible leak of Resident Evil 8 details. Among the details outlined in the article are the supposed title, setting, a new enemy type, and the featured characters.

According to the leak, the next instalment in the Resident Evil series will have the subtitle “Village”. Biohazard Declassified went as far as speculating this is so Capcom can highlight the roman numerals for 8 (as seen in the header image). However, there is a chance that “Village” is simply the working title at this point.

RE7 Marguerite Baker

The Witch

Within the game itself, there will apparently be a brand new type of enemy, the Witch. The leak doesn’t state what the nature or origins of the Witch are. Though hopefully this should be explained during the game’s narrative. What we do know about the Witch is that she will operate in a similar way to RE7‘s Marguerite. That is to say that the Witch will harass you with a plethora of insects and the creepiest of crawlies. Rumour has it that when defeated she will dissipate into these insects, and will be able to “haunt” the player. Perhaps most disturbing is the reiteration from the original leak article, that the Witch will have a “distinctive laugh”.

Redfield Returns

At the end of Resident Evil 7 (SPOILERS), the appearance of series mainstay Chris Redfield had us wondering what his ongoing role in the series would be. If the leaked information is to be believed, it seems Chris will have a crucial role in Resident Evil 8. Supposedly, Chris will appear in flashbacks surrounding Ethan, Mia, and apparently their baby. Though it’s currently unclear what role this baby will have in the game’s story.

In what may shock some long-standing fans though, it doesn’t look like Chris will be a particularly heroic presence. In one flashback sequence, Redfield is rumoured to shoot one of the Winters while breaking into their home. So the question is, has Chris gone deep cover (we know he was working with Umbrella at the end of RE7)? Or will this be one of the most surprising heel-turns in the series so far?

RE7 DLC Chris Redfield

Ethan Makes a Comeback

As was already stated in our article earlier this year, it looks like the player character will be RE7‘s Ethan Winters. Also like Resi 7, the perspective will once again be first-person. As for the setting, the leak claims the game will take place in Europe which, alongside the “Village” subtitle, gives us serious Resident Evil 4 nostalgia.

Speaking of Resi 4, there are also rumours the Capcom is testing the RE4 style of inventory UI against that of RE7. Perhaps finally lending credence to possibility of a Resident Evil 4 remake.

Pinch of Salt

While all of this does seem to follow from what we heard earlier in the year, it is worth taking all of this with a pinch of salt. All the information we’ve heard so far is yet to be confirmed by Capcom, so could be completely unfounded.

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