June 30, 2022

Monster Hunter World tops 10 million copies

Thanks to the PC release on Steam, Capcom’s best selling game has gotten even more popular. If you had been watching the semi-regular updates you would have spotted that in May, Capcom released details showing it was at the 8 million mark. Hours after Monster Hunter World hit Steam it was obvious that it was a very, very popular move.

The game quickly became Steams biggest launch title of 2018 with concurrent players peaking at a massive 240,901 on launch and another 100,000+ a week later. MHW continued to break its own Stream record over the next 2 weeks. Thanks to this its estimated that around 2 million copies were sold, taking the game above the magical 10 million mark. This figure is comprised of digital as well as physical game copies.

The full Monster Hunter series now stands at a whopping 50 million units sold, with Monster Hunter World STILL selling fast on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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Just how long can it keep going? With a roster of upcoming world events, new monsters, missions, equipment and scenarios, everything looks on track for Monster Hunter World to continue to grow exponentially! You can see info on the DLC HERE

*source VG24/7

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