July 3, 2022

Monster Hunter World PC Players Lose Their Saves Due to Iceborne Update

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne recently launched on PC four months after its release on consoles. The long-awaited update would have been something PC players would usually be celebrating. Sadly, however, a few said PC players have reported a range of issues with the recent release.

Of all the issues encountered, the most horrifying present is one that no gamer should ever face or wish upon their worst enemies. Some players have been greeted with problems surrounding their existing save files. More specifically, these files are no longer being recognised following the installation of Iceborne.

Barioth fighting with the hunters of the fifth research team monster Hunter world
Credit: Capcom

It’s safe to say that Monster Hunter World is a game you can invest a lot of time in. Players can easily put in hundreds of hours of playtime. So you can only imagine how these players are feeling upon finding their saves gone.

Even worse is the fact that the game almost rubs players’ noses in it by prompting them to create a fresh save on start-up.

These reports have been coming in from various sources, including Reddit, Steam, and other forums.

Alongside these game save concerns, there have been widespread reports of performance killing issues including frame rate drops and freezing. Thankfully, Capcom has acknowledged these issues, asserting that they are currently investigating reports.

As of this news report, there hasn’t been any patch or update.

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