Monster Hunter Rise has sold over 7 million copies!

Monster Hunter Rise has sold over 7 million copies!

Good lord Capcom are smashing it lately as we learned today that Monster Hunter Rise has sold over 7 million copies. Two months ago, we were reporting at 4 million copies! Blimey! It seems that on the back of the very successful Monster Hunter World selling over 17 million copies, people cannot get enough of bashing creatures on the noggins. Or they really like cats. Could be either.

Another banger?

That’s right, the current Switch exclusive is doing the business worldwide, even though limited to one platform at the moment (a PC port is planned). Given the lifetime sales of World, this could be on course to match that behemoth. Reviews have been very very postitive and it seems players have responded. Being released in another worldwide lockdown can’t have hurt either right?

As earlier stated, Capcom are really riding high. Ever since RE:7 blasted on to shelves, several years of poor releases have turned to gold. Since 2017, we’ve had RE:7, Monster Hunter World, DMC 5, RE2 and RE3 remakes and the recently released Resident Evil Village. Plus new content for streaming giants Netflix.

It’s the cats isn’t it?

Have you played this game? Are you surprised that Monster Hunter Rise has sold over 7 million copies? Are you shocked by this MONSTROUS success? We’ll see ourselves out.

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