Six Minutes Of Gameplay From Monster Hunter Rise

Six Minutes Of Gameplay From Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom just graced us with six minutes of gameplay from the coming Monster Hunter Rise, chock full of big swords, and even bigger monsters.

The name Rise refers to the game’s verticality. The sequel to Monster Hunter World introduces an array of new gameplay-features like the grappling-hook and wirebugs, which can be used pretty much anywhere. Check out the gameplay footage down below.

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Capcom prefaces the trailer with these lines.

“A brief overview of the flow of the hunt, wielding a Great Sword and with two Palamutes. Today’s target is the peculiar bird wyvern Aknosom, in the Shrine Ruins. Aknosom is a tricky foe, but thankfully, the Great Sword has a few new tricks up its sleeve…”

The trailer also shows the hunter performing a number of different actions while astride their Palamute, the new animal companion in Monster Hunter Rise. You’ll be able to boost your stamina, sharpen your weapons, and drink potions. The trailer ends with the hunter taking down the Aknosom.

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021.

Are you going to play the next installment of Monster Hunter? Let us know in the comments.

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