Monster Hunter Rise Event – What was Shown?

Monster Hunter Rise Event – What was Shown?

Monster Hunter Rise is fast approaching – March 2021. And with that the people over at CapCom have held a digital event showing some of the changes coming to this newest Monster Hunter.

First off, more Monsters Announced. That was pretty much to be expected though, it is a monster hunter game after all. But a trailer showing some of the monsters you will be fighting was shown. Creatures like the Khezu, Goss Harag, Lagombi and Great Baggi were on show in all their ‘glory’?

The trailer also featured a new mechanic; Wyvern Riding. Similar to grappling onto a Monster as in Monster Hunter World. You will have some limited control over the Monster and be able to pitch them in battle against one another. You’ll meet a host of new characters as you traverse the world and explore this abandoned nest of ancient dragons.

If all of that has got you interested, a demo is available on the Nintendo Switch store today until February. Either way we’re looking forward to meeting and hunting some of these unique monsters.

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(Don’t worry, the show isn’t 50 minutes long)