May 22, 2022

Modern Warfare Update Will Enable Modular Install

Infinity Ward

Today Modern Warfare will receive an update that will allow players to install only the parts of the game they wish to play. This was revealed yesterday, in a tweet by Paul Haile, Production Director for the game and long term Infinity Ward employee . In the tweet he revealed that [the update] “will have mode specific uninstall options for PC MW owners”.

Modern Warfare will now allow players to part install, on PC at least

This is a welcome move from Infinity Ward following ceaseless updates of biblical proportion, the gargantuan game now unable to fit on a standard 250GB hard drive. Great news for the PC master-race, that is. Too bad if you’re playing on console, particularly when you consider that the original PS4’s shipped with a meagre 500GB hard-drive. The rest of us yet to make the superhuman leap to Henry Cavill’s preferred platform destined to dance a merry jig of memory management every time a shiny new development catches our beady eyes.

Download Pending: A familiar sight for COD enthusiasts

But despite the heterogeneous approach from Infinity Ward, this is certainly a move in the right direction, not only with respect to irritating memory manipulation, but as this comes on the heels of industry wide criticism of their increasingly mammoth updates. Response has been overwhelmingly positive on Twitter, with the majority of replies praising the move.

There is a shining light for console, however. In reply to a tweet by twitter user @Paradox_EP, questioning the decision to limit this seemingly obvious improvement to just one platform, Paul responded that this would indeed be possible, but only for owners of the digital version of the game.

Only console owners with digital copies of Modern Warfare will benefit from the update

It seems the advantages to investing in digital next gen just keep adding up. If you’re prepared to pay top dollar for every game, of course. But that’s a conversation for another day. Right now the most pertinent question seems to be, simply, why now? With less than a month before the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War it seems this could have happened a lot sooner. Perhaps this is simply in reaction to the backlash, that Infinity simply didn’t foresee the problem and are dutifully endeavouring to respond. At the very least you would hope this welcome feature releases on launch of the upcoming title.

Modern Warfare: The Battle for Your Wallet

But there is another point to be made here. Let’s assume that this is in response to community demand, effectively laying out consumer want in black and white for the powerhouse developer. Not everyone wants multiplayer. Not everyone wants co-op, and so forth. To put this in another context, this could give the savvy marketers a rather insidious notion that, quite possibly, they could split all future releases into parts, selling each in its own right. Why sell one game when three game do trick? As one of the chief proprietors of the loot box phenomenon, a master of in-game monetisation, the move would hardly come as a surprise.

But for now at least it’s good news. Perhaps now we can rejoice in the untapped space left on our hard drives with the modular approach to installation. The removal of the single player campaign might just about leave room on more modest PCs for an additional game or two. Possibly even Minesweeper, or Solitaire.

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