May 28, 2022

Modern Warfare Season 2 Start Date Announced

Season 2 of Modern Warfare’s multiplayer looks to blow up come 11th February. Expect new maps, new tech, and the return of the familiar Ghost

For those eagerly awaiting some new Modern Warfare maps to sink their teeth into, you haven’t got long to wait!

Activision recently announced the start date for Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer second season. And it’s really soon!

The next season of content starts on 11th February, and Activision is teasing some familiar favourites from Call of Duty‘s past.

We’ve heard rumours over the last few months about the return of classic maps. Plus, we have actually gotten one of these, in the shape of the original Modern Warfare‘s Crash map.

This time around though teases the return of the legendary Rust. Time to find out if we’ve truly moved beyond the days of “1v1 me on Rust bro, no scopes only!”

You can watch the trailer below, in a tweet from Activision.

Also, pretty much confirmed, is the return of fan-favourite character Ghost. Spoilers ahead, let’s hope he meets a happier end this time around.

Let’s Strap In

In regards to the Season One content, there’s not long left to progress through your remaining Battle Tiers.

“When Season One ends, the tiers of the Battle Pass system get a refresh. New rewards arrive and the original rewards disappear, which means there’s only a short time left to unlock the rewards available now in the current Battle Pass system”.


Activision goes on to explain:

“If you haven’t purchased your Battle Pass yet, or still need to unlock all your tiers, it’s not too late! The current progression you’ve made will still be in effect when you purchase the Battle Pass. The tiers you passed will now be unlocked and those items will be added to your inventory”.

With 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare arguably being the best entry in the series for the last few years, we can’t wait for more content to expand upon and keep enjoying this incredibly fun game. Whilst also calling back to what we loved about the series in the past.

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