May 22, 2022

Modern Warfare Could Be Getting Another 2 Classic Maps

What could be better than more new original maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? More remastered classic maps from Call of Duty 4 of course!

Data miners have dug into the games files after the release of season twos content. What they’ve found is evidence that another 2 maps from the series past could be on their way!

Reddit user has evilonyx shared a picture of CoD 4’s Killhouse and Broadcast. For those who don’t remember, Killhouse is a tiny, fast-paced arena map set in CoD 4’s tutorial mission. While Broadcast features the setting for one of the games most memorable set-pieces and missions, ‘Charlie Don’t Surf’.

Now, salt at the ready. The code found in the games could be leftover from potential scrapped ideas. No longer planned for release.

However, after the recent releases of fan-favourites with Crash, Shipment and Rust, the potential of these maps also returning is definitely in the realms of possibility.

I for one welcome the return of these classic locations. Although, I do hope that the team is also focusing on bringing us some brand new and amazing new maps. Some that people can even hope to be remastered on future entries.

Either way, if and when these returning maps are released remains a mystery. What you can count on, is that the second we know, you will too.

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