May 19, 2022

Modern Firearms Come to Dark Souls 3

Have you ever thought while fighting the Nameless King and thought, “Man, I wish I could blast him with a AK47”? Now you can. Modern Firearms is a mod that swaps out the boring old, medieval crossbows with modern rifles. Modders have often brought us strange additions to existing games and this is no exception.

This mod replaces all the crossbows with automatic and semi-automatic firearms. This isn’t a perfect mod, its mainly a re-skin but its still fun to watch and use. The game does get easier but it’s still Dark Souls 3. The guns also have alternate modes of fire, depending on either if you are single or duel-wielding the gun. The only firearm that doesn’t have a full auto mode is the sniper rifle.

Arrows still sprout from hit enemies but it’s all in good fun. The mod adds detailed weapon models and great sound effects.

Weapon Exchanges in Modern Firearms

  • Light crossbow for Vector SBR
  • Heavy crossbow for AK-47
  • Knight crossbow for M16
  • Repeating crossbow for Thompson SMG
  • Sniper crossbow for Sniper rifle
  • Avelyn for MP5
  • Arbalest for Shotgun

Asasasasasbc is the modder behind this and is taking donations for providing this mod for free.

The mod can be found here, along with the instructions for installation.

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