July 3, 2022

Modder Creates GameCube JoyCons

It goes without saying if you’re a Nintendo fan, you’re a fan of the GameCube controller.

Popular Youtuber Shank Mods has taken this to a new level, regarding his latest project. After many trials and tribulations, he has converted a pair of Joycons into a working GameCube controller.

According to Shank Mods, this controller was no easy feat requiring heavy modification to keep it in line with the functionality of Nintendo’s official Joycons.

The full video goes into the gritty details of the project;

YouTube player

Surprisingly the GameCube Wavebird controller perfectly matches the height of the switch making it the perfect housing for the JoyCon innards. Additional modifications were needed for many of the missing JoyCon features. Other modders even chimed in to help achieve the full Switch compatibility.

Although a fully functioning GameCube controller for the switch now exists, unfortunately, it is not for sale. But if you wield the specific skills and materials you can, in theory, create your own!

Source; Kotaku

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