Mobius Digital Announces Expansion for Outer Wilds

Mobius Digital Announces Expansion for Outer Wilds

2019 stand-out indie hit, Outer Wilds, already offers players plenty of content for fans.

The solar system-spanning space-mystery provided a unique rogue-like experience for those daring to take it on.

And, for everyone who has played it, you’d imagine that that would be it for the Outer Wilds Expedition.

However, Mobius Digital has recently announced a brand new, one-off expansion for its game.

Titled, “Echoes of the Eye“, Mobius promises more tense exploration into planetary unknowns;

Outer Wilds is back with one final campfire tale that will have you shaking in your suit. Prepare your gear and step carefully, young spacefarer, as you’ll delve into hidden depths of the Outer Wilds…” 


Echoes of the Eye was previously teased back in April after a SteamDB leaked the upcoming DLC.

We don’t know much about Echoes yet, but here is a trailer to whet your appetite

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Fans won’t have to wait long for the DLC as Mobius has also confirmed Echoes of the Eye‘s release date; 28th September.