• Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

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    Mobile Gaming Sees Decline in Player Spending

    Mobile gaming has long been the sector of gaming that generated the highest level of revenue.

    Console and PC gamers may scoff at the idea, but it is true.

    In 2021 alone, the mobile gaming sector generated around $93 billion which equated to around 52% of the total global spending on gaming.

    However, despite that, the sector has seen a dramatic decline in player spending thus far this year.

    According to SensorTower, most mobile gaming genres across the board (in the US, at least) have seen a decline in spending and downloads of around 9.6%.

    Year-on-year spending is now currently at $11.4 billion.

    (This figure is the year-on-year sum and not the overall revenue generated).

    Almost all genres of mobile games saw a decline in downloads, with only “Arcade” and “Tabletop” seeing growth.

    The worst hit genre was “Racing” which saw a loss of -28.8% year on year.

    In regards to revenue growth/loss by genre, Arcade games saw around $176million year on year in player spending (14.8%).

    Meanwhile, Tabletop gaming (0.9%) saw spending rise by $388.8 million.

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