MLB The Show 21 is the first PlayStation Studios’ game to come to Xbox

MLB The Show 21 is the first PlayStation Studios’ game to come to Xbox

In a historic first, Sony has announced that the upcoming MLB The Show 21, usually a platform exclusive, will debut on Xbox consoles alongside its PlayStation counterparts.

Unveiled today after leaking over the weekend MLB The Show 21 will be the first game of the franchise to be playable on Xbox consoles, after years of PlayStation exclusivity.

It is also the first time PlayStation Studios have published a game on the Xbox.

MLB The Show 21 will feature crossplay and cross-platform progression, meaning you can go up against your friends and continue your season, regardless of what console you are playing on.

Alongside the announcement, the games cover star has also been revealed. This year’s star is Fernando ‘El Nino’ Tatis Jr, the youngest player to feature on the games cover art.

MLB The Show
Apparently, who was not on first.

Whilst no-gameplay has been revealed, PlayStation has said that they will be rolling out ‘Feature Premiere’ which:

…will be broadcasting simultaneously across TwitchYouTube and Facebook Live. The Feature Premieres will be a great opportunity for us to show our fans what we have been working on that makes this year’s game better than its predecessor. For MLB The Show 21, we plan on posting around six Feature Premieres with the first one being released in March.

As usual, there are different versions of the game with standard versions for both current and next-generation consoles on offer. A ‘Collector’s Edition’ is due to be announced on Wednesday (3rd February).

However, the game’s designer and online community manager Ramone Russell, said that: ‘There will be no standard edition upgrade path from current-gen to next-gen. If you are interested in having access to the game on both current and next-gen platforms, please wait for more info about the collector’s edition’

You can read the full announcement, and check out the different versions here.

MLB The Show 21 is due to release on 20th April on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4 and PS5. A PC version has not been announced yet.

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