Mixer Gifts All Partners $100 During Coronavirus Lockdowns

Mixer Gifts All Partners $100 During Coronavirus Lockdowns

As we’re all staying inside more, more people have been taking to streaming services like Mixer and Twitch.

Microsoft-owned Mixer has gifted each and every one of its partners $100 during this time. For some of the bigger streamers, that’s chump change, but for the smaller streamers/those just starting out, that could be the difference needed to make rent this month.

Conversely, Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, has not (as of yet) made any similar pledges to its streamers. Whilst Twitch does have a larger number of streamers active on the site, nobody could argue that Amazon couldn’t afford a few hundred dollars here or there.

Time will tell. Until then, if you’re a streamer, partner, or supporter, make sure you all have fun and be safe. We don’t know how long it is until things go back to normal, but we still have video games to keep us (mostly) sane.

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