July 1, 2022

The Mini SNES, in all it’s 16 Bit glory!

As a child who was never lucky enough to own an original SNES (my parents got me a Mega Drive), I spent many weekends at my cousin’s house, wasting away many happy hours of my youth playing on theirs and wishing I had one of my own. When the mini NES was recently released, I didn’t really have any interest in it and, as such, paid little to no attention to it. That’s mainly due to the fact I still own the original NES that I inherited from my older brother.

Then came the announcement I was waiting for, my chance, my time, the mini SNES was being released! After hours of fretting and despair due to the website constantly crashing, I decided a direct approach was needed. So I jumped in my car and raced to the nearest GAME to throw my money at them – literally! Fast forward a long few months and the day is finally here! 29th September 2017. The day I finally own a Super Nintendo! Sort of..

My first impression when opening the box was wow! It really is Mini! At just larger than the palm of my hand, I was amazed by this beautiful little machine. The details were perfect! Power and reset buttons, the cartridge slot (albeit non-functional) and the controller ports, I think it was these that impressed me the most. Hidden behind the old school controller ports – discreetly located behind a pull-out fascia you find the more modern controller ports. Close the facia and hide them away and the Mini SNES just looks the business.
I love that the mini SNES has upped it’s game, shipping with 2 controllers for all the 2 player action you desire. This system comes with pre-installed classic games such as Super Punch Out, Mega Man X, Super Mario World, Star Fox and of course Super Mario Kart. As an added bonus Star Fox 2, the previously unreleased sequel is also included bringing the game total to 21. As predicted I headed straight for the Mario games! The gameplay is perfect the controllers are just like the originals and the whole system just oozes nostalgia!
At £79.99 It is noticeably more expensive than it’s mini predecessor, but you do get the extra controller. However, as my other half says “is the extra controller worth the extra £40?” However, we live in a world where paying hundreds of pounds for the latest consoles isn’t looked upon with such disdain. So personally, I see no problem in investing £80 in something that will bring me hours of joy.

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ABG's Verdict
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A classic in mini form but capturing the really characteristics of the original console, but with out the hassle of changing cartridges

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