Minecraft Live Reveals New Mob

Minecraft Live Reveals New Mob

Filmed live and beamed across the world via the internet! Minecraft Live is packed with Minecraft news, content creators, and included a pre-show and community vote to actually influence the game! Shown live on the 16th October 2021 if you missed it you can find a rerun here.

One of the biggest draws of the event is the viewers vote. This year the voting centred around the following three Mobs:

  1. Copper Gollum
  2. Allay
  3. Glare

The winner was announced at the end of the show.

Copper Gollum

The copper golem is the DIY project of your dreams. Not only do you get to build a brand new buddy, but this little creature is made out of 100% copper. That means that just like any other copper structure, it will oxidize over time. It’s more than just a pretty face, the copper golem is also very unpredictable

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The allay is a mob with many hobbies. If you give them an item, it will gather more of the same or similar items that they can find and give back to you! This could be a collectible, something you’ve crafted, or a block you mined. Isn’t that nifty? It is also a huge music buff and loves to dance! That’s just delightful. But also practical, because if you have a note block nearby, that’s where it will drop your collectibles

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The glare is not only super cute, but it also helps you out a lot. It hates – HATES – the darkness. However, it will show you areas that are dark enough for monsters to spawn. It does so by flying to dangerously dark areas and then throwing a hissy fit.

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So who won?

Allay was the winner and will be introduced very soon. I know one young man in my household who was very pleased with this outcome.

Did you vote? Pop into the comments below which mob you voted for and what you thought of the Allay winning.

Source: Minecraft

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