May 28, 2022

Minecraft Dungeons Pays Hilarious Homage to Diablo 2

They say that there is nothing new under the sun. That goes for the square one in Minecraft Dungeon, as well.

Minecraft Dungeons is a top-down dungeon-crawler focusing on combat and exploration. And who is the grand-daddy of top-down dungeon-crawlers? You guessed it; Diablo 2. And it’s to no-one’s surprise that the guys and girls who made Minecraft Dungeons are huge Diablo fans.


Minor spoilers below.

The Lords of Gaming was the first to notice that players could gain access to a secret area that’s a direct reference to a secret area very similar to an infamous one, in Diablo 2. According to Lords of Gaming, players first need to beat the game once on each game difficulty. Near the player’s camp, there’s a drawbridge that’s raised during the main game. After you are able to cross it, players will find a church with pixel portraits of the Minecraft Dungeons developer team and a dog. There should also be a button with ten different runes. Once players find those runes, scattered across the game, they can return to the button, press it, and you’ll be transported to the secret area. Once in the secret area prepare for some angry cows and lots of them.

The secret level is a pretty obvious reference to one of the funniest easter-eggs in gaming history. The similarity to Diablo 2’s murderous bovines is strikingly clear.

Have you found the secret cow-level, in either of the game?

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