July 1, 2022

Mike Ybarra is offering free Xbox Live.

Yes, you read that right! Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Gaming, Mike Ybarra has recently tweeted that he will give you and you’re friends a 12-month Xbox Live subscription for free. But only if you play Microsofts newest title Sea of Thieves.

Released last week, Sea of Thieves has had a rather shaky release, with numerous early server issues stopping people from joining and a lot of underwhelming reviews. The largest of these stems from the game’s lack of content. Mike Ybarra, however, is obviously a big fan of the game and won’t let the poor start put him off playing, and indeed, pushing the game. In a genius piece of marketing he has issued a challenge to all the games players:

Are you playing Sea of Thieves? if so, go hunt him down and claim your real life booty!

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