Mictlan – Face The Dangers Between The Heavens and the Underworld

Mictlan – Face The Dangers Between The Heavens and the Underworld

Mictlan: An Ancient Mythical Tale is an action-adventure game set during the Spanish conquest of Mexico. Developer and publishers Meta Studios Creative Agency K.K are attempting to create the first open-world video game ever created by a Mexican-American studio. It is the first video game completely based on Mesoamerican history and culture.

Set during the Spanish conquest of Mexico, Mictlan‘s story will unravel in a fantasy world heavily inspired by pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures, customs, and myths. You will find yourself immersed in a wide, varied and dark open world, exploring detailed locations with great visual and narrative depth, experiencing a culturally rich atmosphere that belongs to an irretrievable past.

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The collapse of the civilisation will lead your soul to the three stages of the Mexica reality:

  • The heavens
  • The earth
  • The Mictlan better known as the Underworld

It is in the underworld where you will battle evil spirits, demonic golds and wild mythological beasts through the nine levels of vertical hells. To free your soul you must face the great Lord of Death: Mictlantecuhtli.

The current release date is Winter 2025 so I am afraid we have a little time to wait.

Mictlan will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, SteamDeck and PC.

Source: MictlanTheGame

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