Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard Passes Stockholders’ Voting

Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard Passes Stockholders’ Voting

Microsoft’s record-breaking acquisition of Activision Blizzard has taken a massive step towards finalisation.

Earlier this week, shareholders of Activision Blizzard voted in favour of the proposed acquisition – some 98% for the $69billion deal.

Before it can come to pass, regulatory reviews must give it their respective approvals. These regulatory bodies include the likes of the Federal Trade Commission in America.

They will vote on whether or not the deal constitutes “unfair competition”.

A report by Bloomberg [paywall] notes how there is still a level of uncertainty as to whether or not the deal will pass.

President Biden’s administration’s antitrust investigators are believed to look to block or otherwise delay the move. As such, Wall Street is betting that the acquisition will fail.

Presuming all goes well in that regard, the acquisition has until June 2023 to close. Following that date, Microsoft will officially own Activision Blizzard King and all related properties.

On his company’s overwhelming approval, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick noted;

“Today’s overwhelmingly supportive vote by our stockholders confirms our shared belief that, combined with Microsoft, we will be even better positioned to create great value for our players, even greater opportunities for our employees, and to continue our focus on becoming an inspiring example of a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive workplace”.

All eyes are now on the regulatory bodies around the world.

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