Microsoft Testing Edge Chromium Browser on Xbox

Microsoft Testing Edge Chromium Browser on Xbox

The Xbox family of consoles will soon benefit from public testing of Microsoft’s Edge Chromium-based browser.

The browser features are currently only available to testers in the Alpha Skip-Ahead programme.

However, it should become widely available at a later date.

The browser will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S consoles.

Basically, the new update will bring a more robust browser experience to Xbox consoles. This would open up a much wider range of access to the internet on these consoles. Whilst mouse and keyboard support isn’t yet fully set-up, the Xbox controllers are fully usable. However, usage is, reportedly, quite buggy right now.

There’s some talk about this also opening up improved usages of browser-based services, such as Skype and Discord. Additionally, Edge Chromium also adds the potential to also use Google Stadia and other streaming platforms on the Xbox.

For everyone not enrolled in the Alpha Skip-Ahead programme, it’s possible the update will be available publicly later this year. As such, we’ll have more on this story when it becomes available.

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