June 25, 2022

Microsoft Removes Xbox One PubG Ad After Accusations Of Plagiarism

Recently, Microsoft released a bundle deal for the Xbox One and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This is always a great incentive to get customers to buy new products. However, according to Reddit user Macsterr, @Xbox sent out a tweet with an image similar in concept to their own posted in November.

Original Ad Concept


Tweet by @Xbox with advertisement image

Microsoft has deleted the tweet and says an investigation has been launched. Xbox spokesperson, Major Nelson, commented on the matter saying, “I wanted to let you know this is being investigated. In the meantime, our official channels have pulled down the asset in question. I’ll follow up with the OP /u/macsterr/ once I get more details.” Since then, there has been no other posts or updates on the matter.

Source: Gamespot.com

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