July 5, 2022

Microsoft Officially Ends Kinect Adaptor Production

After Microsoft officially ended production of Kinect back in October 2017, they have followed suit with ceasing production of the Kinect adaptor.

The adaptor is used to allow the Kinect to be plugged into the Xbox One S and One X as the original port was removed from these versions of the console. If you’re after one, now is the time to snap them up before they become nothing but eBay listings. You will however still be able to receive customer support for the device.

The Xbox One Kinect was originally bundled with the system at launch in 2013, however games and support never really took off as the motion control era slowly phased away with the Wii. What is more interesting to note from this is Microsoft’s stance with VR gaming. Having previously been reluctant to dive in and go head to head with PS VR, they ahve strategically hung back to see how it performs. It could be assumed from this that with Kinect out the picture, the plans for Xbox VR are also all but shelved based on the fact PS VR uses the PlayStation camera.

It was a sad road for the peripheral, which if you’re getting into streaming, makes a superb camera. Rest in Peace, Kinect.


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