Microsoft Had Considered SPLITTING Halo Infinite Up to Meet 2020 Deadline

Microsoft Had Considered SPLITTING Halo Infinite Up to Meet 2020 Deadline

In, perhaps, the biggest blows for the Xbox Series X, Halo Infinite was recently confirmed to be delayed past 2020.

Yes, perhaps the biggest selling point for the Series X was now on the back-burner.

Unfortunately, it’s a tale as old as 2020 [how many years has it been going on now??]

However, in a bid to counter this unfortunate circumstance, Xbox had a rather ill-thought-out plan to try and hit deadline. One of those ideas was to release Halo Infinite in episodic “chunks” to at least get something out for 2020.

Animal Crossing‘s Second Weirdest Cross-Over

Phil Spencer recently appeared on Gary Whitta’s Animal Talking Twitch chat show [yes, you read that correctly. That sentence actually passed through your eyes and into your brain]. During the “show”, Spencer spoke about several things, including the various discussions the Xbox boss had had about Halo Infinite

“I make a call…with the best intent, hopefully, in the long run for our fans and our platform.

One of the things that pushed us, when you’re shipping a game like Halo, it’s not just a solo release; we have a lot of marketing partners and promotions that are out there. And you want to be respectful of your partners and give them a heads-up so they can plan their timeline for things that they’re doing in conjunction [with the launch of the game].

But in reality, when we know, we know. Let’s make the decision; let’s put it out so we’re talking to our fans directly, be as transparent as we can be.

It’ll be not our favourite day, but we’ll get through it. I’ve had bad days before and moved through it. [We] keep working on the things that we love doing, which is building video games and delighting fans”.


Oh, Phil!

Of course, it’s not an ideal situation in general, but, hopefully, it won’t be too big of a blow for the Series X on launch. Has this news affected your decision on upgrading to next-gen at all? Have you been put off getting the Series X at all? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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