May 22, 2022

Microsoft Flight Simulator set for August departure date.

Put your chairs in the upright position and stow away your tray tables. Xbox Game Studios have released new details about the upcoming Flight Simulator.

Whether your an amateur pilot or a seasoned pro, it seems all the stops have been pulled out to give the player a unique and comfortable flying experience.

From highly-detailed landscapes to real-time weather and Day/Night effects (Cause nothing’s more fun than flying through a Thunderstorm at night) Players will be given realistic cockpits and accurate instruments as they try to land in one piece.

Please wait until the pilot has turned off the seat belt sign, before disembarking.

There is however a small problem, you have to decide which version of the game you want, from no less than 3 possible versions. The most expensive version (Premium), will set you back an eye-watering £109.99, but it does feature all 30 Planes and 40 Airports. This does not include any other In-game add ons that may be included post-release, whereas the standard version, which features 20 Planes and 30 Airports will cost you £59.99. The mid-table Deluxe Version includes 25 Planes and 35 Airports, will set you back £79.99.

So if you want to fly to Heathrow (The only UK Airport in the game) anytime soon you best get saving, as its only available on the Premium version of the game. A full breakdown of what’s included in each version can be found here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to release 10th August 2020 and is available to pre-order now for PC. No date as of yet for console players.

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