Microsoft Prepares for Acquisition of ZeniMax

Microsoft Prepares for Acquisition of ZeniMax

Microsoft is apparently going full-hog with its acquisition of Bethesda/ZeniMax.

According to a new European Union Law document, Microsoft will gain sole control over the entirety of ZeniMax.

Currently, Microsoft’s plan is to merge Vault Merger Sub, Inc “with and into ZeniMax”. Following the merger, Vault will be “cease to exist and ZeniMax will survive”. That is, according to documentation from the EC.

It’s rather ironic that the subsidiary known as “Vault” is involved. I would hope I wouldn’t have to explain the relevance of the term “vault” when discussing anything to do with ZeniMax. For those who may be unaware, ZeniMax owns Bethesda who publishes the Fallout series which features several Vaults – massive nuclear fallout shelters buried underground.

And that is perhaps the noblest description any of Fallout‘s Vaults have ever received. We’ll see what the merger will bring about in due course.

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