July 5, 2022

Microsoft Announce Special Taco Bell Xbox One X

Two things that you never thought would come together; Xbox and Mexican Food. Yep, Taco Bell has teamed up with the good folk at Microsoft to help bring the Taco Bell Edition Xbox One X to the world.

The Xbox One X Eclipse Edition features a beautiful new console boasting all the power of the One X with…added Mexican spice?

It’s a weird partnership, but it has produced a thing of beauty. Just take a look at the Eclipse’s unboxing trailer down below.

YouTube player

The Eclipse Edition bundle includes;

  • Exclusive Eclipse Xbox One X Console
  • Exclusive Eclipse Xbox One X Stand
  • Elite Xbox Wireless Controller Series 2
  • 6 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

And the “Exclusive” part of the Exclusive console is the Taco Bell branding. Not only does the Eclipse come with the Taco Bell logo, but it also seems to feature the Taco Bell ‘bong’ on the console’s start-up.

YouTube player


The catch is, you can’t simply buy the Eclipse. You have to enter a competition to win it! For rules and ways to enter, simply go here.

As Xbox’s blurb states;

“Sure you can handle the power?

Introducing the Exclusive Eclipse Xbox One X Bundle featuring the Elite Xbox Wireless Controller Series 2.

Head over to Taco Bell for your chance to win October 17th through November 23rd!”


Great, now I fancy some fajitas.

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