Mick McGinty, 90s Video Game Cover Artist, Has Passed Away

Mick McGinty, 90s Video Game Cover Artist, Has Passed Away

Mick McGinty, known for creating some of the iconic video game art from the 1990s, has passed away.

Mick’s son, Jobe, posted the update to Mick’s CaringBridge page on 19th September.

Jobe wrote;

“My Dad was an incredibly artist, as everyone knows. And, in true artist fashion, he was also never satisfied with his final work. Just a couple of weeks ago, he said he needed ‘just one more hour on a few pieces’ in order to ‘really finish them’. We all knew that just wasn’t true, though.

Dad would always come to visit our house, see some of the paintings he did for us over the years and would put his nose about an inch from it and say, ‘y’know, Jobe, I wish I would have made those blues a little deeper…”

McGinty’s most well-known pieces include the box art for Streets of Rage 2 and Street Fighter II. The former featured the protagonists – Axel, Blaze, and Skate – brawling thugs on a street corner. The latter depicted a terrifying-looking Blanka hurtling towards Chun-Li, whilst a defeated Ryu lies on the floor.

Whilst the games are synonymous with two of the ’90s defining genres, the cover art is another level. Both are full of action, frozen in a split-second. Raw, emotive energies ooze out of every inch of the images.

A Legacy That Will Live On Forever

Additionally, McGinty also had the distinction of doing the cover art to all three Zoo Tycoon games. Whilst taking a different tone to his (arguably) more famous works, the passion and devotion McGinty had shown through on each and every piece.

McGinty was, however, an acclaimed artist outside the realm of video games. A renowned hand with a beautiful eye for detail, his work was almost instantly recognisable to fans.

ABG would like to wish McGinty’s family well-wishes at this difficult time. And we would like to thank them for the impact Mick’s artwork had on our lives. Rest in peace, Mick. You really do deserve it.