July 6, 2022

Spartan Collector’s Edition revealed for Metro Exodus

Over the weekend the developers behind Metro Exodus – Deep Silver and 4A Games, unveiled the new Spartan Collector’s Edition. Available NOW for pre-order from the official Metro site, the high-quality manufactured collector’s edition can be ordered alone or as the Spartan Edition including the Aurora Edition. 

The Spartan Collector’s Edition includes:

• Detailed Artjom figure: The hand-painted 26.7 cm high resin figure captures the iconic moment of the Metro Exodus announcement trailer, in which Artjom fends off a deadly watchman. The figures are numbered. 

• A detailed replica of Artom’s “Spartan Order” dog tag.

• Artyoms Memories Collections: Artjom’s most valuable possessions include postcards from the world before the nuclear war. Fans of the Metro series will recognize Artjom’s collection, which he has received from companions. Each postcard contains a message from his closest friends. 

• Two Spartan Order Patches. 

The Spartan Collector’s Edition comes in a giant, barrel-shaped package that is based on an item in-game and consistently implements the game’s design language. 

The Spartan Collector’s Edition can be purchased individually or together with a copy of the Aurora Limited Edition – ensuring that fans can decide for themselves how and where to buy Metro Exodus.

The Spartan Collector’s Edition including the Aurora Limited Edition:

The Aurora Limited Edition includes everything above as well as an exclusive Steelbook, an impressive “World of Metro” artbook and the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass. 

Not only for fans has the Spartan Collector’s Edition due to a strict quantity limitation considerable collector value.


The year is 2036. 
A quarter of a century after the nuclear annihilation of the world, several thousand survivors cling to their existence in the metro tunnels of the ruins of Moscow. 
They have defended themselves against the poisoned environment, fought mutants, survived paranormal horrors and burned in the flames of a civil war. 
In the role of Artyom, it is now up to you to lead a group of Spartan Rangers eastward across the expanse of post-apocalyptic Russia in their search for a safe habitat. 

Explore the Russian wilderness in non-linear levels and experience the thrilling story that spans all seasons, from spring through summer and fall to the nuclear winter. 

Inspired by the stories of Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro Exodus continues the adventures of Artjom in the biggest metro adventure to date. 


• Start an Unbelievable Journey – Aboard the heavily armored steam locomotive Aurora you set out with a handful of survivors to start a new life. 

• Sandbox Survival – The gripping story combines classic metro gameplay with giant non-linear levels. 

• A beautiful, deadly world – Discover post-apocalyptic Russia, its breathtaking wilderness that comes to life through the change of day and night as well as dynamic weather effects. 

• Deadly Combat Skills – Loot Loot and personalize your arsenal of handcrafted weapons. Face mutants and enemy factions in thrilling tactical battles. 

• Determine the fate of your comrades – Not all of your comrades will reach their destination alive. Your decisions have a direct influence on the story and the fate of your companions, which guarantees a high replay value. 

• Unprecedented immersion and atmosphere – A flickering candle in the dark, a rattle under your freezing gas mask, the howling mutants in the night wind – Metro will mesmerize you like no other game!

The release of Metro Exodus is scheduled for February 22, 2019. Metro Exodus will be released for Xbox One, Microsoft’s all-in-one games and entertainment system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PC. 

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The Spartan Collector’s Edition is available now for a price of 149.99 EUR alone or for 244.99 EUR in the bundle with the Aurora Edition pre-order. The Spartan Collector’s Edition is available in selected countries and shipping costs may vary.  Head over to the official site HERE to pre-order now.

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