Meet The Shrimp

Meet The Shrimp

Announced August 22nd, 2022 Nordic Game Supply brings us: The Shrimp mini-keyboard. Designed with convenience, comfort and ergonomics in mind it looks to be great for travel or general space conservation. This “darn cute” little thing has loads of themes and we’re excited to check this thing out and share it with you. Meet The Shrimp

Now, we’re just going to hit the bullet points:

  • Ultra Compact mechanical gaming keyboard
  • 25-key GLOBAL layout with super stunning “oversized” lettering
  • Gateron™ G Pro mechanical switches
  • Cherry™ profile (heights & shaping) keycaps
  •  RGB illumination with a bunch of cool effects
  • Padded and textured magnetic wrist rest
  • Cool gadgety knobs
  • Multimedia controls
  • Fn-layer (dual function keys)
  • USB-C connector
  • Compatibility: Desktop PC and gaming laptops, PS4/PS5 (standard HID compliant USB device)

And we’ll conclude with words directly from the product developer.

We wanted to brush off some dust from a “gaming keyboard”. There hasn’t been much evolution happening on keyboards from the computer terminal keyboards of the 1970’s. The “gaming keyboard” of today seems to be mainly a standard keyboard made in black color with an addition of RGB lighting and maybe a couple extra buttons too far away from easy reach.

Having them be mechanical is not a new innovation of the last decade, it’s actually going back in time and bringing back the superior technology of old. All keyboards used to be mechanical and later became membrane to cut costs when the home PC market was booming.

“Now we haven’t re-invented a wheel here either. The Shrimp is also a standard keyboard, albeit its tiny size. There have also been keypad sized gaming devices before the Shrimp™ but they have either been non-standard layout, made to adapt keyboard & mouse on gaming consoles or have had some off-putting futuristic “space-captain” designs. I believe we have made a design that is both comfortable to use and looks great on your desktop.

Kari Vijianen

Check out The Shrimp at Gamescom 2022, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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