June 30, 2022

Mavericks: Proving Grounds closed beta sign-up now available

Earlier this month, at E3, Automaton Games announced the upcoming launch of their battle royal game Mavericks: Proving Ground.  They have now announced the closed beta for August and the sign-ups for the 100,000 slots available now open.

Mavericks: Proving Ground, is a battle royale game that has both a 400-player and a 1000-player mode.  The 400-player mode will support both solo players and teams while the 1000-player mode, which will host teams of 5 and is the largest team mode of all the battle royale games, will be the focus of the upcoming closed beta.

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Although the game looks a lot like another popular battle royale game, Automaton Games has advised there are some unique differences which will intrigue the community.  Difference like; the ability to track other players due to visible footprints, broken branches and other impacts to the environment left behind by the players as they make their way through the open-world 16 x 16 km map.

Sign up early to get you spot in the closed beta by going to the Mavericks: Proving Ground website.


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