July 6, 2022

Mastiff Unveils Four new Titles Coming to Console and PC in 2018

Hot on the heels of an exclusive press-only preview event during the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, video game publisher and developer Mastiff have unveiled four exciting new titles that will be coming to console and PC in 2018.

The Mastiff 2018 Sneak Peek sizzle trailer, featuring all four titles listed below

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Heavy Fire: Red Shadow
The next installment in the Heavy Fire series, Heavy Fire: Red Shadow offers players non-stop action in a 360° arcade style first-person shooter environment. Coming Summer 2018 to the Microsoft Xbox One entertainment system, the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system from Sony, PS®VR, and PC.

  • 360° White-knuckle Action! Use your turret-mounted machine gun and a rocket launcher to mow down enemies across eight missions
  • Call in Support! Call in supply drops and support from elite infantry troops, fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, and more
  • Take Battle to an Entirely New Level! Integrated Mixer support on Xbox One, the style and function of RAZER CHROMA support on PC, and the true immersion of PS®VR support on PS4™

Visit www.HeavyFireRedShadow.com for more information.

Arcade Islands: Volume One
Arcade Islands: Volume One is the ultimate collection of 33 easy to pick-up-and-play games! Coming Summer 2018 to Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4.

  • A Cornucopia of Games! Climb, run, jump, blast, rocket, outwit, and even putt your way across six exciting, colorful Islands
  • Explore New Islands and Collect Treasure! Earn Stars by playing games to unlock Treasure, new Islands, and even more games
  • Island Hop with Friends! Up to four players can join in the fun for some friendly competitive or cooperative play with just one system and one copy of Arcade Islands: Volume One
  • Own the Islands! Be the first to fill your Treasure Hut with Treasure from every Island, and compete with your friends by outscoring them on the online leaderboards to claim the Island crown

Visit www.ArcadeIslands.com for more information.

Pool Elite
Chalk up your cue stick and get ready to play Pool Elite, the most comprehensive and hyper-realistic billiards experience to date. Coming Summer 2018 to Xbox One™, PlayStation®4, and Nintendo Switch™.

  • Make Every Shot Count! Hyper-realistic physics powered by NVidia PhysX and finely tuned by billboard champions, ensures that every shot feels like the real thing
  • Become the Champion! Hone your skills against AI opponents, play with friends locally and online, and then challenge the world via the online league system, featuring an Elo rating system
  • More Than Just Pure Pool! 8-Ball, 3 Cushion, Carom, 9-Ball, Snooker, Mini Games, and Challenges are all included in one comprehensive billiards package
  • Rack up the Rewards! Participate in tournaments and complete daily and weekly objectives to earn in-game rewards and gifts that can be redeemed for valuable equipment and player customization

Visit www.PoolEliteGame.com for more information.

Home Sweet Home
Join one man’s search for his missing wife in this gripping, first-person Thai horror adventure coming to consoles Fall 2018!

  • Gripping Thai Horror! A dark narrative inspired by Thai myths and beliefs will captivate players while keeping their palms sweating and pulses pounding with fear
  • Sharpen Wits, Not Blades! Without weapons to provide defense against the evil spirits, wits must remain sharp at all times in order to survive
  • Nicely Tied Together! The use of stealth and investigative skills offers gameplay variety and a chance for players to breath, but not for long

Website coming soon.

Additional information about Heavy Fire: Red Shadow, Arcade Islands: Volume One, Pool Elite, and Home Sweet Home will be revealed in the coming months.


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