May 23, 2022

Mass Effect’s Mordin Solus Plushie Out for Pre-Order

Mordin Solus, MassEffect’s salamander-esque doctor and companion to commander Shepard is still a fan-favorite. Well, now you can get the very model of the scientist Salarian in plushie form.

Sanshee, the fandom merch-specialists, are taking pre-orders for the Mass Effect – Mordin Solus Collector’s Plush, right now. On top of being just flat out gorgeous, our quirky Salarian also sings for us.

With a press of a button on his left hand, Mordin will sing one of four songs, providing you have some batteries. Also, in his other hand, there is a built-in magnet that can be used to attach the included seashell plush.

According to Sanshee, the Mordin plushes should start shipping out in the beginning of August. Previous Mass Effect plushes from Sanshee include Garrus, who is currently sold out, and Grunt, who is currently on sale for $19.99.

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