Mass Effect Teaser Trailer Fuels Speculation

Mass Effect Teaser Trailer Fuels Speculation

The hype train is going full speed following the teaser trailer for the next Mass Effect game being shown at The Game Awards 2020.

Fans have been scouring the trailer for hints as to who, what, where, why and maybe even who is involved.

Obvious nods like the N7 debris being shown held by an Asari, (maybe Liara T’Soni?) were in contrast to good guesses like the below regarding a Reaper, that was confirmed by Project Director Michael Gamble.

Gamble even tweeted “This trailer has much to unpack. Look. And listen closely :)”.

Giant Comb At The Ready For This Trailer

Which has had fans combing the trailer for clues as to when this is set, though the existence of a Reaper wreckage and an N7 crest could point to Commander Shepard being somehow involved and the existence of an Asari who can live for around a 1000 years, if this is Liara could point to a setting many years after the conclusion of Mass Effect 3.

Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go?

The teaser hints heavily that it will go back to its roots and not take heavily from Mass Effect: Andromeda, which isn’t surprising following it not hitting the heights of the previous trilogy, though maybe unfairly compared to a ground-breaking trilogy.

As someone who enjoyed Andromeda and some of the changes it brought, the combat and crafting elements similar to Dragon Age: Inquisition being a highlight, I’d hope to see these back in an enhanced fashion.

In regards to what we can assert from the trailer, there’s a lot of teasing information scattered through the less than 2 minute video.

In the trailer you can also see the outline of a Krogan standing outside the landing craft (we can only hope it’s Wrex) as well as what could be a Salarian, which would seem to show that the genophage was cured as canon, Mordin you were one of a kind.

The voices are interesting as they mention something of humans history in the Mass Effect universe, referencing the First Contact War between humans and Turians, as well as distressed voices followed by the sound of a Reaper.

After Dragon Age 4?

Realistically we’ll only be a getting a trickle of information about the next Mass Effect over the next few years as we creep towards a release, with the next Dragon Age also in development and Andromeda taking nearly 5 years to release.

With no official canon ending due to the several outcomes from Mass Effect 3, this next instalment in the franchise may consolidate a true ending to the trilogy and substantiate several fan theories based on the information scattered throughout the 4 games so far and in the trailer.

What will excite fans is that several team members form the original trilogy are returning to work on the next Mass Effect project.

Getting The Crew Back Together

Gamble himself confirmed on Twitter that Dusty Everman, Parrish Ley, Brenon Holmes and Derek Watts are returning to the franchise to help guide Mass Effect in the next console generation.

Following Michael Gamble on Twitter currently seems your best bet to wring more information from the trailer and Mass Effect in general, so go check his tweets out.

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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