May 16, 2022

Mass Effect Remaster Seen with Game Pass Ident

Watch this space…

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition may be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

That is, if this report by Polish site,, is anything to go by.

The report shows BioWare’s remastered trilogy found in the Microsoft/Xbox storefront.

Complete with a “Game Pass” badge

A game will only have this badge adorning the cover if it’s available on the Game Pass program, obviously.

Now, it shouldn’t be outside the realms of possibility to assume that the Legendary Edition could find itself on the Game Pass someday.

It is a popular title, and, most telling, it is published by EA. And EA has its own subscription service – EA Play – bundled in with Game Pass.

However, outside of a now updated storefront, we have no further confirmation about the game’s inclusion into the Xbox Game Pass ecosystem. Neither EA nor Microsoft has confirmed or denied the move.

However, it probably won’t be too long until it happens. Surely.

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