May 27, 2022

Marvel’s Avengers Lost Square Enix Money

Square Enix recently posted its Q3 financial earnings. Despite what should have been a promising release, Marvel’s Avengers has ended up losing the company money!

Despite the license behind it, Marvel’s Avengers has seemingly lost Square Enix money.

Square recently posted its six-month financial figures. And it doesn’t bode well.

Whilst Square didn’t reveal how many copies Marvel’s Avengers sold, we can see the effect it’s had on Square’s earnings.

Square’s Q2 period saw Final Fantasy VII remake come out. During this period, Square’s HD Games division saw net sales of just over ¥34 billion [~£250 million]. The company’s operating income hit over ¥10 billion [~£73 million].

Comparatively, this financial period, which again was dominated by Marvel’s Avengers, saw the same division pull in ¥23.7 billion [~£174 million]. It’s operating costs saw a loss of over ¥5 billion [~£36 million].


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