May 19, 2022

Marvel’s Avengers – Gameplay Shown Off In New Trailer


Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers has received a new trailer. The “Embrace Your Powers” trailer specifically focuses on showcases the game’s superpower-based combat.

It also offers spotlights on each of the game’s lead characters, including the recently revealed Kamala Khan – aka Ms Marvel.

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This is the first update about the game we have heard since announcing its delay in January. However, this trailer mostly uses footage already seen in previous trailers/demos and doesn’t offer any exciting new reveals.

Some fans have speculated that the intention of this trailer could be to showcase the reworked character models. The game received a lot of criticism upon its reveal for its rather ugly rendition of beloved characters.

Avengers, Assemble

Kamal Khan – aka Ms Marvel – features prominently, after her initial reveal in October’s trailer, “Embiggen”. Khan is reportedly the main character of the story, responsible for reuniting the Avengers after the disastrous A-Day causes them to disband. The A-Day event was prominent in the game’s reveal.

Audiences will soon become as familiar with Kamala Khan as they are with Iron-Man, as the teenage hero will soon be the star of her own Disney+ show.

The trailer also offers a look at the games pre-order bonus – a “legacy outfit” skin pack that adorns the Avengers in their Golden Age garb. Captain America looks fresh out of the trenches, Hulk has torn through Banner’s clothes and Iron Man dons the Mark I armour.

Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise, is developing Marvel’s Avengers. The upcoming title is the first fruit of Marvel’s 2017 deal with publisher Square Enix to create multiple video games based on Marvel properties.

The exact genre of Marvel’s Avengers has confused some audiences. Trailers and gameplay videos suggested a God of War meets Uncharted-like adventure with 4-player co-op. However, Crystal Dynamics has spoken about the game following the lead of Games-As-A-Service titles such as Destiny and The Division.

Marvel’s Avengers was originally slated to be released in May 2020 but was delayed to “polish up” the title. Players will now be able to get their hands on the title on September 4th, 2020.

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