Marvel Snap Announced, Coming to Mobile and PC

Marvel Snap Announced, Coming to Mobile and PC

Marvel has announced a brand-new game coming to mobile devices and PC; Marvel Snap.

The free-to-play collectable-card-battler has already had a soft-launch beta test open in various territories (check here for more info).

Marvel Snap looks to feature everyone’s favourite buzzword in plenty as it delves into Marvel’s ever-expanding multiverse and brings dozens of characters to the fray.

Alongside household names like Iron-Man, Captain America, and Venom, expect to see lesser-known characters like Hellcow, Nova, and Ironheart.

By the looks of things, various different artist’s depictions of characters will be in play – meaning you could see Jack Kirby’s Captain America alongside Scottie Young’s or Alex Ross’.

The possibilities could be, theoretically, endless.

The blurb from reads as thus;

“The fastest card battler in the Multiverse is here! Assemble your Marvel dream team from a super roster of your favorite heroes and villains—then make your move. MARVEL SNAP unleashes the entire Marvel Universe into a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, strategic card battler”.

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Marvel Snap is slated for launch sometime this year. It is published by Nuverse and developed by Second Dinner. Perhaps most intriguingly is that Ben Brode of Hearthstone fame is heading up the project. This is Ben’s new studio, Second Dinner’s first game, and Ben’s first game since leaving Blizzard in 2018.

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