Mario Was Briefly on the PlayStation 4

Mario Was Briefly on the PlayStation 4

Create-a-game Dreams has seen some breathtaking masterpieces since it’s release earlier this year. And one of the most awe-inspiring (if only for the wider context it brings) is the inclusion of Mario on the PlayStation 4.

However, as this is not an officially licenced Mario game, nor does it have anything to do with Nintendo, you can bet the Japanese Giants had something to say about it.

Created by Dreams creator PieceOfCraft, the Mario character model was pulled by Sony following copyright complaints from Nintendo.

“Good news and bad news.

We flew too close to the sun boys! A big video game company who I will keep nameless obviously didn’t read my “be cool” note in dreams.

No worries though have a back up plan. But for now Mario projects in dreams are on hold until I put said plan into effect”.

Anything BUT a Dream

As you can see, it’s merely a case of Nintendo protecting their IP. There’s no idea yet as to what PieceOfCraft’s plans are going forward, but it has had a knock-on effect with other Dreams content:

“I can remix it but the original I can no longer edit and other[s] will not find or be able to use. Not too sure what will happen to levels that used the Mario guess we’ll have to wait and see”.

PieceOfCraft also noted how Nintendo had got in touch with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe who got in touch with the Dreams creator:

Nintendo with the Cease & Desist

“The email came through to the same email I have linked to my PSN but it was from the legal and business affairs Division of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

So not from Mm [Dreams developers Media Molecule].

And stated Nintendo, themselves, had objected to my use of their Super Mario IP in Dreams“.

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Footage of Mario in Dreams can still be found online. However, if you’re interested in seeing how a Mario PlayStation 4 game could look, I’d be quick if I were you.

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