June 27, 2022

March Additions to Xbox Game Pass

Eight new titles are being added to the Xbox Game Pass list in March.

The newest additions will be:

  • Super Lucky’s Tale
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2
  • The Final Station
  • Sonic CD
  • Oxenfree
  • Dovetail Games Euro Fishing
  • Sea of Thieves (when it releases on March 20th, 2018).

If you haven’t checked out Game Pass yet, it’s a monthly subscription that allows you to play any of the 100 games on their current list. They will update it and change some of the listed games later on, but the guarantee is that you’ll always have a wide variety of titles to choose from.

There is a free fourteen-day trial you can sign up for if you want to try it out, or just want to binge a few games that you haven’t justified in purchasing yet.

Back in January, Phil Spencer announced that subscribers will not have to wait to play the newest exclusive games.

“Moving forward, we plan to release all new Xbox One exclusive games from Microsoft Studios into Xbox Game Pass on the same date as their global release.” 

For $9.99 USD a month, this may be something you want to look into if you are the type of gamer that burns through games quickly.


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Source: Xbox Site

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