June 30, 2022

Mantis Burn Racing Free To Play 22nd-25th Feb

Have you been thinking about getting or wish to try out VooFoo Studios Mantis Burn Racing?

Well you’re in luck, VooFoo Studios today announced that the award-winning top-down racing game Mantis Burn Racing® will be available for FREE on Steam from February 22nd through February 25th . The first e-sports championship of the game takes place on the PC during the free weekend. So it’s the perfect time to experience what it feels like to drift past opponents in this gripping top-down racing game. Players will be starting at 19:00 CET on Thursday, 22 February , until 22:00 CET on Sunday, 25 February.

Play Mantis Burn Racing® for FREE, including all DLC packages. If you enjoy the fun and challenging top-down races in Mantis Burn Racing and want to continue playing after the free weekend, you can get a 50% discount on Tuesday, February 27th through 19:00 CET. on the game and all DLC packages received – and your game progress will also be taken over if you buy the game during the Free Weekend.

The E4i Mantis Burn Racing® Championship is a weekend-long event streamed, casted, and entertained live on The Overpowered Noobs’ Twitch channel, and hosted through its eSports division, ESPORTS 4INDIE (E4i).

The weekend of February 24-25th will see all registered players through a day of competition and festivities, playing for loot and to qualify for the Sunday Twitch event (Feb 25), where the best of the best will claim the handsome prize pool and the prestigious title of “Mantis Burn Racing® Badass.

Join the E4I Championship: Live on Twitch: Saturday & Sunday, February 24-25th – All players are invited to register now at: opnoobs.com/e4i/mantis-burn-racing

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